Antonio Antonieta Cintra Gordinho Foundation history dates back to the beggining of the century

50 years anniversary book (1957-2007): From philanthropy to the third sector – the experience of Antonio Antonieta Cintra Gordinho Foundation

  • 2000


    The Foundation inaugurates two units:

    • Antonieta Chaves Cintra Gordinho (2000)
    • São José (2004)

    In 2002, the City of the Boys (EACG School) begins enrolling female students in formal education, becoming the City of the Boys and Girls. In the same year, the Eloy Chaves Technology Education Center (Cetec) is created, followed by the Ermida Cultural Center in 2006.

  • 1990


    In 1999, the first female students join the non-formal education through the inauguration of FAACG’s third unit – Talita Kum. The unit was built by Mrs. Antonieta Cintra Gordinho with her own funds, following the idea of her brother, Mr. Vail Chaves, President of the Foundation at the time.

    “Talita Kum” is a passage of the Bible on which Christ resurrects a child.


  • 1980


    In 1981, FAACG founded its second unit, Almerinda Pereira Chaves Preschool-Kindergarten, a tribute to the mother of Mrs. Antonieta Cintra Gordinho.

    Still in 1981, the Antonio Cintra Gordinho School (EACG) is created at the City of the Boys.

    In 1985, Mrs. Antonieta Cintra Gordinho is awarded “Woman of the Year” by the Woman’s Club de São Paulo.


  • 1970


    In 1973, the City of the Boys is founded, with 30 boys spending weekdays on the unit and going back home every weekend.

    primeira turma

  • 1960


    At the beginning, the Foundation supported initiatives of other entities focused on underprivileged children. In 1966, Mr. Antonio Cintra Gordinho, the founder of FAACG, passes away. Mrs. Antonieta Cintra Gordinho begins devoting herself full time to the philanthropic causes of the Foundation.


  • 1950


    In 1957, the couple Antonio and Antonieta Cintra Gordinho founded Fundação Antonio Antonieta Cintra Gordinho, inspired by the Boys Town (1938) movie, about the creation of a community for underprivileged boys in the US.

    The purpose of the Foundation was to provide assistance to underprivileged children, support preschool-kindergarten and birth centers, offer scholarships and cooperate with other entities dedicated to childhood


    Antonio Gordinho Filho
    Antonio Carlos Pacheco e Silva
    Antonio Loureiro
    Egberto Lacerda Teixeira
    Eloy de Miranda Chaves
    Francisco de Palma Travassos
    Germano Pedro Braune
    Jayme Rodrigues
    João Mendonça
    João Mendonça Cortez
    Jorge Queiroz de Moraes
    João Carlos de Macedo Soares
    José de Aranha Pereira
    Leônidas Lopes de Oliveira
    Mário Cintra Gordinho
    Mário Guimarães
    Pedro Lemos Nogueira
    Vail Chaves
    Waldemar Martins Ferreira