Alumni Meeting will be in 2017

The Alumni Meeting sponsored by FAACG will now be held every two years. The date remains the same (last Saturday of November). The next event will be in 2017.


FAACG serves approximately 1,400 students per year, enrolled in both formal and non-formal education, through its six units in the State of São Paulo, being five in the City of Jundiaí and one in the City of Araçariguama. In Jundiaí, the Ermida Cultural Center is also located, an initiative of...

2010 onwards

FAACG expands its activities with High School (2011) and Technical Education (2013). The International Education Meeting becomes a formal event held annually.


The Foundation inaugurates two units: Antonieta Chaves Cintra Gordinho (2000) São José (2004) In 2002, the City of the Boys (EACG School) begins enrolling female students in formal education, becoming the City of the Boys and Girls. In the same year, the Eloy Chaves Technology Education Center (Cetec) is created,...


In 1999, the first female students join the non-formal education through the inauguration of FAACG’s third unit – Talita Kum. The unit was built by Mrs. Antonieta Cintra Gordinho with her own funds, following the idea of her brother, Mr. Vail Chaves, President of the Foundation at the time. “Talita...


In 1981, FAACG founded its second unit, Almerinda Pereira Chaves Preschool-Kindergarten, a tribute to the mother of Mrs. Antonieta Cintra Gordinho. Still in 1981, the Antonio Cintra Gordinho School (EACG) is created at the City of the Boys. In 1985, Mrs. Antonieta Cintra Gordinho is awarded “Woman of the Year”...


In 1973, the City of the Boys is founded, with 30 boys spending weekdays on the unit and going back home every weekend.


At the beginning, the Foundation supported initiatives of other entities focused on underprivileged children. In 1966, Mr. Antonio Cintra Gordinho, the founder of FAACG, passes away. Mrs. Antonieta Cintra Gordinho begins devoting herself full time to the philanthropic causes of the Foundation.


In 1957, the couple Antonio and Antonieta Cintra Gordinho founded Fundação Antonio Antonieta Cintra Gordinho, inspired by the Boys Town (1938) movie, about the creation of a community for underprivileged boys in the US. The purpose of the Foundation was to provide assistance to underprivileged children, support preschool-kindergarten and birth...