Antonio Antonieta Cintra Gordinho Foundation is a non-profit private organization founded in 1957 with the objective of educating underprivileged children and teenagers and providing for their integrated development. FAACG was declared an Institution of Public Interest by the State in 1961, by the Federal Government in 1997 and by the Municipality in 2003. FAACG holds the Social Services Philanthropic Entity Certificate, issued by CEBAS through the Ministry of Education.



Ismar Augusto Procópio de Oliveira – President

Maria Thereza Passos Gordinho Amaral de Oliveira – Vice President

Eunice Guimarães Teixeira – Honorary President

Non-Executive Board Members:
Fernando Servio Godeghesi
Gilberto Gregori
José Carlos Batelli Corrêa
Laïs Helena Teixeira de Salles Freire
Luiz Alberto Chaves de Oliveira
Mariana do Amaral Procópio de Oliveira Guedes
Nelson José Lara Oliveira Ribeiro
Plinio Xavier da Silveira