Located in Jundiaí, at the bottom of Japi Sierra, in an environmentally protected area of Atlantic Forest in the State of SP. The main house, built around 1860, is home to the Eloy Chaves Museum with a relevant cultural collection that dates back to the 17th century.

In parallel, the architectural project was listed as of special physical and cultural significance by the Municipal Government of Jundiaí in 2009.


Currently, the Cultural Center consists of the Egberto Lacerda Teixeira Auditorium, established in November 2012, with total capacity of 220 people.

The Cultural Center promotes cultural and educational events, such as the Social Forum and the International Education Meeting, among others.


The main house is under restoration and will soon become the Eloy Chaves Museum.

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In 2008, the Ministry of Culture approved the first project for the implementation of Ermida Farm Memorial.

The project is on the fundraising phase, open for donations from corporates and individuals. Tax incentives for donations in Brazil are set at 6% of income tax payable (for individuals) and at 4% (for corporates).

To make a donation and understand the benefits, you can contact our team or use our secure website.

Specific Objectives of Ermida Farm Memorial Project

  • Recover and mantain the group of buildings of Ermida Farm;
  • Make further research on Ermida Farm and its owner, publishing books and organizing cultural expositions;
  • Build a structure for a Memorial, with panels containing historical information of the architectural complex and the life of its owner;
  • Prepare a long-lasting exposition, interactive workshops and a library of local and regional historical icons;
  • Publish cultural material emphasizing the importance of the Ermida Farm and Mr. Eloy de Miranda Chaves for the history of the City of Jundiaí, the State of São Paulo and Brazil.

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