The International Education Meeting is an initiative of FAACG with the objective of gathering educators of the City of Jundiaí and the region, as well as foreign educators, to reflect on their practices and foster discussions on public policies related to education.

FAACG has a longstanding partnership with Fondazione Reggio Children, in Italy, which is seen by UNESCO as a role model in children education. The Reggio approach, however, is not to be mechanically reproduced, but rather used as an inspiration, since Reggio Emilia experience give voice to the sense of community, listening, putting children on the role of knowledge producers.

We, from FAACG, identify ourselves with these values, the reason why since 2008 we invite Reggio Emilia representatives to our private events, targeted at developing our professionals, and also to public events we organize.

In 2008, Bruna Elena Giacopini joined our event.
In 2009, Maddalena Tedeschi and Francesca Manfredi were present, discussing the theme “From initial questioning to pedagogical documentation”.



I International Education Meeting: Foundation positions itself as knowledge producer in Jundiaí and region

In 2014, for the first time under the title FAACG International Education Meeting, the event is organized in partnership with Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp). Paola Strozzi and Vanna Levrini were present and discussed “Experience paths: childhood and elementary education; Reggio Emilia and Brasil; among other bridges”.



First event open to the public with the pedagogists of Reggio Emilia: beginning of long partnership in 2009

EOn August 15, 2015, once more with representatives of Reggio Emilia and in partnership with Unicamp, the II FAACG International Education Meeting took place. Based on the theme “Pedagogical Documentation: how to make clear the role of the educator?”, the event counted with the participation of Maria Victoria Alfieri, representative of RedSolare and director of Aletheia school, in Argentina.



In III International Meeting of education the participants also had direct contact with the professionals of Reggio Emilia

On August 19-20, 2016, the III FAACG International Education Meeting happened, and the partnership with Unicamp was consolidated. The theme “Curriculum and Pedagogical Documentation – an event to (re)think school experiences” was presented by Maddalena Tedeschi – Reggio Emilia Pedagogist, responsible for the Loris Malaguzzi International Center School, by Alessia Forghieri – Professor of Reggio Municipality Schools, and by Professor Maria Teresa Eglér Mantoan, PhD – Lecturer of Unicamp School of Education and Coordinator of the Laboratory for Research and Studies on Education and Differences (LEPED).