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Message from Araydine and Higor


FAACG cares about and focuses on preparing for the near future. At Talita Kum, where I spent three years on educational workshops, I learned about attitude and professional behavior. The students from FAACG recognize their value and always come back to visit. It is so good to reconnect, I feel like staying over.

- Araydine dos Santos
 Araydine dos Santos, 23 years-old, former student of Talita Kum

Once I was a student and now I am an employee. Ever since I was a student at FAACG I felt the atmosphere of proximity with professors, and now, also as an employee, I feel the same.

- Higor da Silva
Higor da Silva, 17 anos, ex-aluno e monitor do Núcleo Educacional Antonieta Cintra Gordinho.

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