FAACG as a developer of confident and powerful citizens


“By development of a powerful citizen, we believe in the careful hearing, the reflection about our actions, the research, and the exchange of experiences impacting the learning process of all parties – child, teenager, educators and family”.

Ana Teresa Gavião Mariotti, director of professional development and pedagogy

We believe in the continuous development of educators, and provide for the exchange of experiences with colleagues through group studies associated with universities and international organizations.

A comprehensive look at the human being

Programs that encompass educational, human and citizenship development.


The Foundation as a producer of knowledge

The Foundation, in partnership with Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), conducts research and studies to foster the development, implementation and analysis of public policies related to education in Brazil.

Beggining in 2013 with an initial term of three years, the partnership will hold courses, exchange programs and issue papers.


The Agreement with Unicamp and Fondazione Reggio Children consolidates the internationalization process of FAACG and its active role in the development of public policies on education

The educational project as an organic, continuous and social process

FAACG believes the educational project begins with Childhood Education and lasts until High School, in an evolving and coherent manner, as a continuous process. Our education project guidelines:

Comprehensive learning: students arrive in the morning and leave late afternoon, spending the day in curricular learning activities and sports, enjoying balanced meals and receiving health care services.

Documentation, evaluation and development: our pedagogical activities are documented and under continuous evaluation to serve as development tools for educators to reflect on their practices.

Atelier-School: the school fomenting creativity and experimentation.

Partnership with the family, community and social resources network: to work closely together with the family, fundamental pillar of children and youngsters’ universe, and external institutions.

“I always tellPIL_4514_RETRATO_Site João, my husband, that as in the case of our children, we also grew with the Foundation: we learned to walk, speak and communicate with them. Since we knew our children were being offered the best education and care, we could leave home and go to work every day. We kept evolving. From a room we used to borrow, today we have our own house and the children their own room”.

Marta Oliveira