In addition to day-to-day activities, initiatives that strengthen the ties with the family, community and society are carried out. Antonio Antonieta Cintra Gordinho Foundation understands to be only one of the agents responsible for the development of citizenship among children and teenagers, and should foster their relationship with a number of other agents, such as cultural institutions and entities that explore different views of the world we live in.


Family Day

Once a year, the family joins our activities together with students from childhood, elementary, middle, high school, technical education, and non-formal education projects.


Social Forum

In 2007, Antonio Antonieta Cintra Gordinho Foundation organized the 1st Social Forum, aiming at promoting and expanding activities of third sector organizations.

Since then, our Social Forums discussed the following subjects:

2017 – Competitiveness in turbulent seas

2016 –Inclusion and Human Diversity

2015 – The Heart of Ethics

2014 – Ethics and Citizenship

2013 – Brazil Economic Perspectives

2012 – The Third Sector and World Challenges

2011 – Education and Economy

2010 – Education in the Third Sector

2009 – From Philanthropy to the Third Sector – a necessary transition

2008 – Social-Environmental Education: challenges of the new millennium

2007 – Ethics and the Third Sector


Cultural Events

Aiming at strengthening students’ skills, and broadening their views of the world and society, FAACG offers a variety of activities in the arts and cultural areas, such as trips and visits to Instituto Tomie Ohtake – SP and Bienal de São Paulo.

Guardians of Japi Sierra

The Foundation, located close to Japi Sierra (one of the rare remnants of Atlantic Forest in the State of SP, an environmentally protected area listed as of special physical significance by Condephaat), considers the preservation of the region’s abundant fauna and flora of great importance.

The Guardians of Japi Sierra project is focused on delivering environmental education to our students, staff and Japi Sierra surrounding communities

International Education Meeting

The purpose of the event is to bring international benchmarks in high quality education to the daily activities of schools. We believe our initiative, in partnership with Unicamp’s NEPP – Center of Studies in Public Policies, creates opportunities for strengthening the development of educators and fostering the exchange of experiences.

The pedagogical documentation is a reflection tool; it is the confluence of the voices of education protagonists: educators, families and children. I see the documentation as the composition of a learning narrative.

Ana Teresa Gavião A. M. Mariotti


Themes discussed to date:

2014 – “Experience paths: childhood and elementary education; Reggio Emilia and Brasil; among other bridges” 2015 – “Pedagogical Documentation: how to make clear the role of the educator?” 2016 – “Curriculum and Pedagogical Documentation – an event to (re)think school experiences”. 2017 – “Research at School: the new, the look, the learning and development”.